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Tony B's Steak Chips

Snackers Delight Variety Pack - 8 Count

Snackers Delight Variety Pack - 8 Count

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Cant decide? Try all 4 flavors in our variety pack that offers 2 bags of Sichuan Peppercorn, Coconut Curry, Gochu Bang and Teriyaki!!

Tony B’s Steak Chips are gluten-free, Keto and Whole-30-friendly. Plus they're high in protein, low in fat and contain no MSG or nitrites.

Made from premium beef, precision sliced and cooked to perfection in small batches in the United States. Each of our four flavors are expertly crafted by Chicago’s own Chef Tony B, bringing you jam-packed flavors in every bite.

Sichuan Peppercorn - from China's southwestern Sichuan province, has a unique aroma and flavor - neither hot like chili peppers, nor pungent like black pepper - its slight lemony overtones creates a warm, aromatic sensation.

Teriyaki - the Umami Tsunami is here to crush your hunger! Like any traditional Teriyaki sauce, our chip has key notes of sesame, soy, ginger and garlic, but like any TBSC product we added a twist - an orange twist! Grab a bag and try a new spin on an old favorite!

Gochu Bang! - The fragrant kick from the ever so popular Gochujang is where these chips get their name. Gochujang is a sweet and spicy fermented chili paste used in most Korean dishes. Compliments of ginger, garlic, and soy round out this chip to be one of our favorites!

Coconut Curry Each chip is packed with that smooth coconut taste and a smack of that curry tang! All enriched by fresh lime zest and sprinkled with coconut flakes. Rich, familiar flavor of Thailand that'll transport you right to the beach.

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